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We feel the best way to get to know us is to see a little about us before you make a decision to become a practice member. We see all of our patients as family and we love to have you join us in the journey toward better health and a better you. To help you learn more about us we offer this page for you to review.


At our clinic we utilize only the most modern and up-to-date equipment. This includes the most modern x-ray equipment to assure accurate images with the minimal amount of radiation possible. Our adjusting tables are state of the art "Omni" tables designed for the highest level of spinal correction possible. When it comes to equipment, we have spared no expense. We believe our patients deserve the best!


In our clinic we believe is a proper combination of the time proven adjustments procedures with the newer innovations is specific adjusting. Our goal is to correct subluxations as efficiently and completely as possible.


Using modern equipment and specific procedures is not all we are about at All Health Chiropractic Center. Ultimately we are about people. Our doctors and staff all are handpicked because they enjoy what they do and enjoy interacting with people. Our staff will try to answer all your questions and make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.



We also know that your time is valuable. That is why at our clinic we do not waste any of it. Through the use of efficient office procedures, and the eliminations of things that do not impact your health in a positive way, we have been able to keep your office visit to only those precious minutes needed for your care. At our clinic there is no sitting around in a waiting room for minutes waiting to be called to see the doctor. In fact, we have no waiting room! All of our regular patients proceed directly to our adjusting area after checking in at our reception desk. Although we believe in efficiency, at no time do any of our patients feel rushed or hurried. We believe the time you spend in our clinic should be time well used for your care.


We combine loving care and expertise to make your time with us both "healthful" and pleasant. We also believe that our patients are an active participant in their journey for better health and a better quality of life. With this in mind we believe that education is an essential part of our care. In keeping with the high-tech concept of our clinic we send out a regular email newsletter to all of our patients with email. Do we have your email address? Not only do we send out regular newsletters but we also send out many other helpful bits of information.

Children, seniors and the whole family are welcome at our clinic. We care for everyone at any age. We believe that vertebral subluxations are a clear and absolute danger to everyone's health. It is sad for us to see one member of the family benefit from chiropractic care while other members continue to miss the benefits of a properly functioning nervous system free of subluxations. For this reason we have instituted the most affordable family plan available. We believe in removing all barriers to your family enjoying the highest quality of health and life available through chiropractic. To us, Chiropractic care is a healthy way of life!


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