Eric S. Benedetti D.C., C.C.E.P. (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner), CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician)

Mission to end the declining health and improve the wellness of our communities through natural chiropractic care.

Dr Eric realized through his own personal and family experience that there was a problem with today`s health care system. In my teen years I was constantly sick, and therefore constantly on antibiotics. I would be on an average of 4-5 rounds of antibiotics per year. I was amazed at how the doctor could just take one look at me, and immediately know what bacteria infection I was suffering with. After 10 days of drug therapy, I would come down with the infection again. I was becoming frustrated not only with being sick but also I was too young to be this ill. This went on for two years.

At this point in my high school studies I was pursuing a career in medicine. You can imagine I was starting to lose faith in the system. I went to a chiropractor to understand what their contribution to our health care system they were making. That is when a chiropractor offered to check my spine. The x-rays revealed significant arthritic deterioration in my neck at the age of 18. I had studied enough to know that arthritis is a disease of old people, and I was not old. I questioned the chiropractor, and he let me know that I had an impact 4 to 5 years ago that put my neck out of alignment. He related to me that this would compromise my nervous system and in turn would suppress my immune system. He began to rehabilitate my spine with gentle adjustments. That was over 17 years ago, and I have not been on one antibiotic since. That is not to say I don`t get colds, however when I do get one my body heals itself. This is only the beginning of my testimonial. I would personally love to discuss my health challenges with anyone and everyone.

Dr. Eric has a never ending appetite for education and excellence. He received his undergraduate degrees from Ocean County Community College and University of New York (Albany) in Science. He received his chiropractic degree from Life University in 1994.

His certifications include: Certified Chiropractic Extremities Program 1996, Koren Specific Technique 2007, Gonstead Technique 1994, Chiropractic Biophysics 2004, Earhardt x-ray 200 hours 1993, National Board Chiropractic Examiners 1993, Chiropractic Research and Development 2006.

He is licensed in New York and Pennsylvania.

He has been or is currently being coached by the following: Pastor Ed Crenshaw Phd, Dean Depice DC, CJ Mertz DC, Carol Greenberg PT, Ray Jewel Phd, & Leo McCormick DC.

Kenneth A. Ward D.C.

I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1997. My interest in chiropractic began when I injured my knee while running track in high school. I went to a chiropractor and through his treatment and care regained the ability to participate again. I was able to continue running track and cross country throughout the rest of high school thanks to chiropractic care.

I personally continue an active lifestyle, using chiropractic as a tool to remain strong and healthy. I have special interests in educating my patients on overall mind-body health, nutrition, exercise and strengthening along with chiropractic care to become empowered so they may heal optimally.

Dr. Ken received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at Kutztown University in 1993. He has always been very interested in how the mind worked. Upon graduation he felt something was missing, so he decided to continue his education to put the pieces together. Dr. Ken decided to study chiropractic at NY Chiropractic College and graduated in 1997. The study of psychology and chiropractic together completed the picture for him. His deep understanding of his patients allows him to treat their physical symptoms with a strong mind- connection.

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