Here at All Health Chiropractic our goal is to help better the health of our patients; that is why we offer so many amazing products!

  • Standard Process Supplements

    We are teamed up with Standard Process to offer whole food and herbal supplements. We keep a few of their products here in the office, such as their cleanse products which are used to rid the body of toxins. We do take orders if there are specific supplements wanted.

    NeuroScience is another supplement provider that we work with. We typically have their supplements always in stock. A popular supplement of theirs is Kavinace Ultra PM which helps regulate sleep with natural melatonin and eases anxiousness.

  • Anabolic Supplements

    Anabolic Labs is the third supplement provider that we work with. We carry many of their supplements in the office such as clinical magnesium which is a great natural muscle relaxer, and salizain, which is an all-natural pain reliever. They also offer wonderful monthly sets of vitamins, as well as specialized monthly vitamins that help “deflame” the body. We carry most of the supplements at all times.

  • Multiple Extremity Braces

    We offer two types of orthotics to our patients. We have pre-fab orthotics which stand for prefabricated. They are high quality, cushioned and balanced insoles that many of our patients love. We work with Powerstepto provide these. These are ordered as needed.

    The other type of orthoticwe provideare custom-fit orthotics by Ortho-Rite. We have casting kits which consist of special foam that molds to the unique curves of the feet to provide maximum support. We set up a foot consult with the doctor to castthe feet.

  • 21 Day Detox Program

    We have various body rubs that we offer. One of the most popular is Biofreeze which is a topical pain relieving gel. This contains 5% menthol that provides a cooling effect with long lasting results. We also have Rocksauce which is another pain relieving gel, only thisa 6% menthol which provides a powerfully chilling cooling sensation. The third body rub we carry is Epsom-It which is a body rub lotion that is perfect for reducing inflammation in the muscles. All these are always carried in the office.

  • Pillows For The Neck And Lower Back

    Recently we have started carrying Malouf Pillows. They specializein dough pillows which administera softer more supportive memory foam. We have their contour dough pillow which caters to the alignment of the spine and neck while sleeping. We also have their regular dough pillows which give soft comforting support.