“I heard about All Health Chiropractic from a friend at church, who heard of my problems with nerve pain. Two of my favorite pastimes are writing and playing the violin. But my hands became easily stiff and pained me, so my penmanship suffered and I all but stopped playing my Irish jigs. I was suffering from lower and mid-back pain, as well as shoulder pain and numbness in both arms. In 12 visits I’ve gone from being slouched forward to standing straight. My balance and blood pressure have improved. I also struggle with fatigue less and am more energized throughout the day. With the numbness gone I can write, type and play those Celtic Tunes for longer periods of time without pain! Thank you All Health Chiropractic for having a passion for enabling your clients to live life to the fullest!”
– Deja

“I have suffered from headaches since my teens. My only relief was taking medicine, sometimes daily. After seeing the benefits of chiropractic care for my husband I gave it a try. After 2 adjustments I was headache free!”
– Holly

“Before coming for treatment getting the flu meant I was sick for a full two weeks. Now, during treatment, I am recovering from illness much quicker and I couldn’t be happier!”
– Ally

“I was having a lot of pain in my knee, to the point where it was a struggle to walk. As an athlete, that hindered me daily. After I began chiropractic care, the pain in my knee got significantly better and overall my body became stronger. I haven’t had any major knee pain since coming here!”
– Tessa

“I had hurt my hip and was having trouble walking, sitting and getting back up. I was also having headaches, tingling in my hands, indigestion and chronic sore throat. Since I started Chiropractic care I can walk, sit and get up with very little discomfort. My hands no longer tingle, I stopped needing medication for indigestion, and headaches are becoming less constant. I am also sleeping better and waking refreshed instead of sore and in pain.”
– Shannon

“Of course I have seen your business when I walk or drive by, but it was when Dr. Janet Brown spoke to me about your Chiropractic services, then Ellie Henry who insisted on my coming, that I decided to pay you a visit.

I have been suffering from lumbar stenosis/herniated disc problem since the beginning of last year. I had been receiving physical therapy and seeing a specialist who recommended double shots of Novocain and Steroids. The leg pain was alleviated, but the tiredness of my legs and clumsiness, preventing daily walking and garden work.

I came to your office, although with some skepticism that I could be helped. I was impressed by the professionalism and level of expertise demonstrated, including all your staff. I signed up for 72 sessions. After the first two weeks I started to experience remarkable improvement, with similar level of energy to walk and to continue my daily activities as before the symptoms surfaced.

A byproduct of the treatment has been that my high blood pressure has decreased from an average of 148 on the systolic side to around 125. I could not even entertain the thought that this was possible. It is, resulting in better health and less prescribed medication.

Furthermore, I mentioned two weeks ago that I’ve been suffering from carpal tunnel. Again, I had faint hope that this could be alleviated without surgical intervention. After your evaluation and recommended exercise, the tingling in my fingers and pain have been greatly reduced.

So, thank you so much for making my quality of life as before these symptoms surfaced. I hope that my 86th birthday in June is celebrated in such fair health.”
– Jose

“I had right knee and leg pain recurring and interfering with activities like biking, golf, swimming, walking, etc. With Chiropractic care, I had very good results in a short (2 month) time. My knee pain is now much less – does not affect my daily schedule so much. I recently went on vacation and played golf several times. For the first time in 2 years I was able to walk the course instead of taking a riding cart.”
– Jeanne

“I was to All Health Chiropractic with pain in my left foot – between my 2nd and 3rd toes and back of my heel. It was so bad I could hardly walk down the stairs in the morning. I really thought I was going to have to have surgery to remove the bump on the back of my heel & neuroma. After starting Chiropractic care the bump on the back of my heel is gone and swelling between toes is gone also. No pain- was taking Aleve 2 times a day and now I don’t take anything! I can now walk and run on the treadmill and I can walk down the stairs in the morning without any problem.”
– Cindy

“I came to All Health Chiropractic for my back pain, shoulder and elbow tendentious and tremendous knee pain. Dr. Eric started working with me and my pain and wow, what can I say.. The results are great! My posture is so much better and I am living life as I should. I have better posture, tendentious gone in elbows and shoulders. Knee is working again. I am a happy camper. Thank you Dr. Eric. I can stand at my job and my endurance is so much better.”
– Carlette