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"I am a 33 year old female that has stood 5'4" for as long as I know.  I started getting chiropractic adjustments in January.  Before I started getting adjusted, my posture was very 'hunch', like I was carrying the weight of the world.  After one year with Dr. Eric, I stand 5'5" and my posture is more up right than ever." - E.H.

"Not only in the past year, have I grown 1 inch (at age 65) but I am able to walk 1 to 2 miles without pain in my back. This is because of my perseverance in coming to Dr. Eric for 5 years. Before this, I could not even walk two blocks without pain and muscle spasms in my back and my legs.  Thank you Dr. Eric!" -Myrna 

"As a result of an exam, my height has increased one full inch in a years time! I was 5'9" and now I'm 5'10" - Art

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