“I have a herniated disc in the bottom of my spine. It was there for years intermittently giving me minor problems. The problems became moderate to severe three years ago. I had pain everyday. My activities were very limited, even sitting presented a problem. I was treated by orthopedic surgeons, a neuro surgeon, a physical therapist. They said I would have to “live with it”. I found only temporary minor relief. A friend had gotten dramatic results (at All Health Chiropractic Center) and vast improvement with a neck problem. I had immediate relief from my condition after starting care. In just seven weeks I am TOTALLY pain free. Activities of any kind I wish are finally resuming. I take no meds and enjoy movement PAIN FREE!”
– Peter

“I have a herniated disc at L5SI and used to take hydrocodone on a daily basis. Today is Oct. 1st and I have not taken that medication in ten days! Yeah!”
– Camille

“I ruptured a disc (L5S1) in a work place accident. Several years of visits to physicians, physical therapy and surgery made little difference to my incessant pain. You, Dr. Benedetti,found the right manipulations to make it possible for me to walk, sit, lay down and live with less pain. What a relief!”
– Jim