“Almost two months ago, I injured my knee while jumping out of the truck I drive for work. being an avid runner, I tried to continue to run but the pain was too great. The doctor that my company sent me to wanted me to get an x-ray, MRI and have surgery. During my regular visits to Dr. Scott, I consulted with him. He discovered that part of the problem was the arches in my feet, so he suggested an arch support and adjusted my feet and knee. He also recommended icing my knee each day after work. Within three weeks, I was pain free and I am now running again three days a week. NO SURGERY AND NO DRUGS!!”
– Paul

“I came to Dr. Eric by a referral. I had knee surgery in Oct. 2008 and I have been using a cane, limping and experiencing agonizing pain. I could no longer deal with the pain and I was not sure how much longer I could work. After my first active visit, in which Dr. Eric taped my foot and worked on my leg, knee and back, for the first time in 9 months I felt no pain. I now walk with no cane. I look forward to continuing improvement in my health, thanks to Dr. Eric and Dr. Scott.”
– Janet

“I’m 48 years old and I’ve come to the place where my quality of life has become greatly impaired. I’ve had four knee surgeries and yet have continued to have chronic pain and leg weakness. Since receiving chiropractic care for the last month I’ve experienced marked improvement in the area of reduced knee pain, leg strength and a new sense of vitality and energy. Since receiving care from Dr. Eric and Dr. Scott I feel a sense of renewed hope and optimism that I will be able to live an active lifestyle with my wife and children.”
– Daryl