“I had headaches every single day of my life for close to 2 years with severe migraines 3-4 days a week. I was close to losing my job due to missing time. I could hardly interact with my kids. I’ve had 6 adjustments in 2 weeks and I’ve only had 1 headache! And that was relieved with some Advil. Thank you so much Dr. Scott and Dr. Eric!”
– Laura

“In July I began to have headaches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – I was not able to function well. I had difficulty concentrating, walking, performing minimal daily functions. The source of the headaches was not determined. My family doctor, as well as a neurologist, tried to help me with several prescription medicines – all unsuccessful. The neurologist referred me to this office and told me that Dr. B has had good results treating patients with headaches. Since starting chiropractic care, the severity of the headaches has diminished considerably. I am also able to work and perform daily routines. I am feeling so much better, physically, emotionally and mentally. I look forward to continued improvement over the coming months.”
– Diane

“I’ve been with Dr. Eric for about four years, coming three times a week. I am a roofer who suffered from massive headaches. They caused me to get nauseated and black out from the pain. Now I barely get headaches. Three years ago the headaches were at their peak on the day of Thanksgiving. I woke with my head splitting from the pain and I knew I had to go and eat at my soon-to-be in-law’s house. So I decided to lay back down and see if I could shake the headache. It didn’t work. By this time I was starting to feel ill and it was getting late so I decided to call Dr. Eric at his house. When he answered the phone, I could hear in the background that he had company. He cared for me (like all his patients) and told me to meet him at the Sears parking lot near his house. When we got there he set up his portable table and adjusted me in the freezing cold. He saved my dinner and saved my life because today I’m married and have a healthy body that is well maintained. I’m also now headache and body ache free. THANKS DR. ERIC!!”
– Joe