“After a trip to the family Dr. for a fever and severe sore throat, my daughter was diagnosed with mono. The doctor told me she just needed to rest and that she would feel really horrible for about 3 weeks. After that it would take about 6 weeks for her to recover. Two days after diagnosis by the MD, Laura had her first adjustment, 5 minutes after we left the office her sore throat was gone, the next day she could swallow with no pain. After one week of adjustments and a re-check by the MD, she’s 100% – no restrictions. Recovery from mono in less than 2 weeks time. WOW!”
– Wanda

“I found out I had mono. This stopped me from doing everything- racing, school, work and I missed my adjustments. The first ten days I sat around, couldn’t eat. Then one day my mom drug me over here, that’s when the healing started. I came daily and over the next two weeks I improved. By the end of the third week I was back to school. The following week I went to work and even started to race again. One side note, my regular doctor had me on pregnizone (steroids). They didn’t do anything. I over came mono in 4 weeks because of daily adjustments.”
– Bruce