During our first visit the patient will have an initial screening to determine if you qualify to be a chiropractic patient. If in the screening process (which only takes a few minutes) you are reactive to those tests you will be given a thorough evaluation.

The evaluation process includes the following:

  • A deep history of traumas and current chief complaint
  • Active and passive range of motion testing to determine if your spine is moving in symmetry
  • Postural evalutation to determine biomechanical stress on your nervous system
  • Neurological muscle testing to determine which nerves are being interfered with
  • Radiological evaluation using the state of the art digital x-ray system to determine alignment issues and how long the problem has been there
  • Postural pictures to visualize anatomical distortion
  • Height measurement to determine if you are deteriorating (It is not normal to shrink)
  • Bilateral weight scales to determine if your nervous system is on balance